Classmate Discussion: Week 1

I talked with Natalie and learned that her major is hospitality management. This is also her 3rd year at CSULB. Her favorite thing to do is hangout with family, friends, and her boyfriend. Her reason for taking Art 110 is because of the GE requirement, however, this isn’t her first art class, she’s taken a few art classes in high school. She thought of herself as a creative and artistic person in high school but as time passed she stopped drawing and doing art projects. Last, her answer to the question of the week is, “I don’t think there is a line that anyone can draw as to where art ends. Art is everywhere and everyone has a different perception as to what art is so therefore it is hard to say where the line is drawn.” I agree with her and believe that art can be perceived in different ways depending on the person viewing it. Here’s a picture of us! 🙂IMG_5310


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