Week 3: Artist Conversation- Wansi Ieong

Exhibition Information

Artist: Wansi Ieong

Exhibition: 2068

Media: Figure Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery- West

Instagram: faziieong

About the Artist 

I interviewed Wansi Ieong and learned that she is an undergraduate student. She is working towards their BFA and is in the Concentrated Studies of Life Painting Program. She enjoys figure drawing because it’s different from photos and it gets the person’s spirit. Her figure drawings come from life itself as well as models. She  came from China about four and a half years ago. To her art was just painting at a young age until she found passion for figure drawing.

Formal Analysis

The art I seen had a before and after effect. It went from a young to old lady-a change in age. The two girls looked very serious and their shadows reflected very well on the door and floor. Also, the lines in the mirror and walls were definite. The colors looked very vibrant yet harsh at the same time, but it went well with the picture. The artist explained that she used oil paint as well. It looked very realistic. The ball caught my eye because it symbolized childhood. Overall, the picture was portrayed very distinct and clear to see. It has you wondering the meaning behind it.

Context Analysis

Her work is an expression through formal and special arrangements. The image expresses a young lady trying to stop her future (old) self from living a life that she doesn’t want to and is miserable with. The artist explained that the picture’s story line is based off her parents forcing her to do something she didn’t want to do. For example, making her do a career that she finds no interest in. Through this image, I sensed a transformation from youth to adult. Wansi Ieong is trying to get people’s spirit across as well as visual communication.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I didn’t realize that this piece represented what I was told it did. I loved it very much because it was a mystery to figure out but quite simple actually. I can see the importance that transformation has on our lives. I wasn’t sure who the ladies were until I realized the name of this artwork, 2068, which looked into the future. Figure drawing is an awesome way to explore art and show people’s spirits. Transforming into someone you don’t want to be can be very crucial. I concluded that the theme of this art work is to be who you want to be and who you really are now before it’s too late and you end up with a miserable life.

Here’s a picture of her amazing art work: img_2912







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