Week 4- Artist Conversation- May Ta

Exhibition Information:

Artist Name: May Ta

Artist Tag: None

Link to Artist Website: None

Exhibition: “Closer” Sept. 11-15th, 2016

Media: Illustration + Visual Art, Digital Media, Ink Jet Printer

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @Maypta

About the Artist: 

When I interviewed  May Ta, I learned that she is an undergraduate senior in her last semester, reaching for her BFA in Illustration. However, she plans to go to grad school in a year, with the following schools in consideration: UC Berkeley,  USC, and CSULB. She said she’s leaning more towards CSULB though. She’s also an international student from Vietnam. She came here four years ago to invest more in art. When I asked her about her interests, she said her favorite thing to do is sleep which I found humorous. Some other hobbies that she has is Symmetrical Graphing; she mainly focuses on video and graphic design. Her themes do vary. The way she talked about her love for illustration inspired me because art is what she finds beautiful and it’s her journey to create something out of her pieces. Her ideas come from human interaction as well as the intimacy with others and ourselves.

Formal Analysis: 

“Windows” is an illusion to the human eye itself. It also displays a connection that the viewers are able to get a hold of. There was six windows that each portrayed a different view, but they did have similarities. For example, all of the windows made me feel like I was actually looking inside a window. They all told a story in which my imagination built up. They were all very simple yet beautiful. The colors in each window were neutral; they all had your common brown, black, grey, etc. colors. I noticed that in one of the windows, the roses were black instead of red which was different. Also, some had shadows that were very symmetrical as well. I noticed that the lines were definite and there was hardly a mistake in each window.

Context Analysis:

“Windows” is able to trick people into a small space. Windows is apart of the Exhibition “Closer” which represents the rewards and difficulties that May and her partner, Carly Lake, encountered that led them where they are now. They were able to collaborate on these rewards and difficulties which was fortunate enough to create the name “Closer.” Everyone can relate to this piece of work. May Ta is trying to connect people and have them build relationships rather than be isolated. Her work now is just a beginning to put out in the future. May Ta’s artwork is simply an outside source trying to look in.

Synthesis/ My Experience: 

Through May Ta’s work, I was able to connect and imagine the different stories that each window told. It related to me by being simple but behind simple is much more complex. It captured my eye the way it was meant to. I did end up getting tricked seeing into a tiny space. She furthered my education of art as well, as I learned that their is so many ways that art can be expressed. So far her work “Windows” is my favorite. I really enjoyed looking at it as well as her other artwork. The main reason she captured my eye is because these illustrations have me really looking into it and creating my own story for each different window.

Some of the pictures I took are of the six windows, my two favorite windows, some of her other artwork that caught my eye and her business card which is of herself that she drew herself as well.




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