Week 5- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information:

Artist Name: Jane Weibel

Artist Tag: None

Link to Artist Website: JaneWeibel.com

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @Janemargarette

About the Artist: 

Jane Weibel is a feminist. She proclaims that, “Women are so often spoke over , objectified, dismissed, stereotyped, shamed, cheated, constrained,repressed, overpowered, manipulated, erased, ignored, and harmed.” This is what drives her artistic practice. Additionally, she is an undergrad student in her last semester at CSULB. She will be graduating with her BFA in Ceramics. She chose Ceramics because of the functional practice that she has had with it from making pots to sculpting with clay. She finds ceramics easy to work with because of the cheap material however, with that material she  could make something wonderful out of it. She does plan to apply and attend grad school, specifically, UCLA because it’s in the LA area and their art program is great because LA portrays all kind of art. She loves going to escape rooms in the LA and OC area as well; she finds them fun. She usually attends with other CSULB artists. Her work portrays her beliefs about women and wants women to be given the space needed to be centered and critical.

Formal Analysis: 

Inside “Psycho Cycle”, there was a lot of rocks either on top or by pictures. The room,itself, was filled with very bright colors which made it stand out more. There was a box that was built on different types of material all in a square/rectangle form. The material looked flimsy and cheap, not too sturdy. Each tile had a different design to it. Also, the rocks were more like miniature boulders.

Context Analysis:

“Psycho Cycle”refers to women having to deal with negative treatment which varies. Jane explained that she picked this name because she liked the sound of it but also because she’s just tired of the way see women as. Moreover, there was a picture of hands reaching out but a rock was on top of it. There was another artwork where there are multiple images of women trying to carry these rocks, some even looked like they were straining their backs doing so. The rocks symbolize a burden that women have to carry. It’s as if a weight is being brought down on women. There are many expectations on women depending on their looks, their actions, and their words. The paper shredding of multiple  colors caught my eye because it was so simple yet its’ meaning is much more. It’s a sign that women are getting their identities destroyed. Before asking Jane about the big, colorful box of squares, I had interpreted it in my own way and thought that maybe it was some sort of trap that women were in and  couldn’t get out of. When I asked Jane what it represented, she had said she likes to call it “The Cage” because she wanted viewers to see what a cage does. The material was cheap just like the way women are treated. Last, there was a rock on top of a picture of women sitting, and a fire right underneath the picture which symbolized women on either side of a rock or fire begin either crushed or burned with no way to escape from it. We, women, just stood in between.

Synthesis/ My Experience: 

When I entered her Psycho Cycle, I completely became interested as I read her little note posted on the wall. I instantly connected to her and got all these ideas about the world portraying women as nothing more than just doing domestic duties. So yes it does anger me somewhat because I believe that women are far more superior. Personally, I think that women are looked down on because of how fragile we are mentally and physically but that’s where we are mistaken because we are so much stronger than we actually look. I really enjoyed this artwork and felt like I was able to connect with Jane and I easily understood her intentions that each piece portrayed.

These pictures were some of my favorite ones:





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