Week 6- Artist Conversation-Ryan Taber

Exhibition Information:

Artist Name: Ryan Taber

Artist Tag: None

Link to Artist Website: None

Exhibition: Wood Exhibition

Media: Wood

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

About the Artist: 

Ryan Taber is apart of the CSULB Wood Program as well as the CRAFTED Wood Club. He is also apart of this exhibition along with many other artists. Their purpose is to “explore different strategies of making: considering design, furniture making, and sculpture as disciplines with imprecise boundaries that are each responsive to the nature of the wood.” Additionally, the Wood exhibition that he is apart of, considers ecology. This is the first semester that this exhibition is open.

Formal Analysis: 

As I walked into the gallery, I noticed everything was made out of wood. The wood happened to be very definite. It was as if it was perfect pieces of wood. Also, the texture was very brown an in the tight spots of the wood, became even darker. The one piece that caught my eye through this whole Wood Exhibition had to be Ryan Taber’s piece called, “Of Light Remains.” It looked like an ancient TV; however, it was a clear image of a light bulb connected to antennas. There was a cloth hanging from the wooden stands which had some kind of tribal pattern on it that made it stand out. Moreover, the light bulb was inside a very thin “lantern” material paper, which was red, black, and white, thus also making it stand out in the exhibition. It was a clear picture of light traveling through a small space, but I knew it must have been able to light up the whole room. Through this piece, I noticed how connected it was to nature. I almost felt like I was outdoors with it.

Context Analysis:

“Of Light Remains,” was a well structured piece of art that really stood out to me. I interpreted the meaning into what I thought it could have meant. I believe it means that there is always a way for something if you look on the bright side and go for it. I could be wrong, but that’s what I first thought when I read the title. The piece itself represented nature and to me, an ancient, tribal effect. Additionally, I thought maybe it could be an image of light that still exists. An example could be if  you are trapped in the woods, this piece of work would allow light to be seen in such darkness. It really expanded my imagination.

Synthesis/ My Experience: 

Throughout my experience, I learned that wood could go a long way from building tables and desks to creating pieces of art and sculpting such a meaning out of wood. Personally, I never saw wood as a piece of art until now. I find it interesting how people take this as a profession and find creativity out of wood. A lot of it is so simple but the world uses a lot of wood in various ways. Therefore, I find it very useful to create art out of it.

Here are a few pictures of “Of Light Remains.”





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