Week 8- Classmate Conversation- Marysol Jimenez

I loved talking to Marysol and learned a lot about her! For starters, I assumed she was a 2nd year at least but I learned that she’s a 4th year and her major is Sociology, however, she wanted to do Social Work just like me! She grew up and still lives in Compton. She attended Centennial High School, and CSULB was her first choice because it’s close to home. Her reason for taking art is because of the GE Requirement. In the future she plans to attend grad school, but not right away. She wants to focus more on a job. Right now she works at Children’s Palace in the Lakewood Mall.

Also, Marysol likes watching Netflix. She loves to go shopping during her free time as well, especially for makeup. She watches many make up tutorials too and practices different looks. I learned that we both love Color Pop lipsticks are our favorite. Along with her favorite things to do, she enjoys certain types of food. Her favorite food is Mexican food, especially her mom’s! She is the youngest of 4; she has two older sisters and one older brother.

A fun fact about being in the Japanese Garden this week was that Marysol’s cousin got married on the bridge in the Garden about 2 years ago. 🙂

In response to the questions of the week, Marysol answered yes to supporting her children’s choice in pursing a career in the art field because you can do anything with art because art is beautiful in general. Also, we both want to go to the Broad Museum in LA, but she also wants to go to LACMA in LA because of the lights. It’s more scenery that captures her eyes. Last, in response to what apps we both have and some that we don’t, we concluded that we share more than we thought such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, and Pandora. Some that we don’t share are Phhhoto, Bank of America (because I have Chase), and Wish!

It was really nice to make a new friend this week! Here’s a picture of us two. 🙂



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