Week 9- Art Care Packages

This activity was fun. It’s always nice to create memories and capture them. I always save tickets to important concerts, fairs, movies, etc. so I have memories to look back on and reminisce on the good old days. I also love taking pictures and physically developing them so that I can always have them and show them to maybe my kids in the future. I think its important to save these things because it’s a way to remember the amazing times and adventures that happened. I decided to make an ACP to my Uncle Angel who’s in jail and has been for the past 8 years. I thought it would be nice for him to know and see the things I have been doing. An ACP is so much more different than a Snapchat because it cannot be lost and it’s not on a time limit. I think it shows more love and appreciation as well. For example, if you want to give your best friend a present for his/her birthday you might want to give them a picture of you two, however, you wouldn’t send that picture to them through SnapChat, instead you would pick a good picture, get it developed, and put it in a nice frame so that they can keep it for a long time. I also think ACPs gain value over time because it’s like leaving a mark. I know I cherish pictures and little things like clothes or tickets that my grandma and mom keep because there is always a story behind it. So I created my own Art Care Package with some important key  factors in my life and plan to send it to my Uncle Angel so he doesn’t miss out on too much.


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