Week 10-Artist Conversation-Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition Information:

Artist Name: Alicia Keyworth

Artist Tag: None

Link to Artist Website: aliciakeyworth.com

Exhibition: Oddments

Media: Fiber

Instagrams: @aliciakeyworth

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

About the Artist: 

Alicia is an undergrad student in her last year. She  doesn’t plan to go to grad school right now, but she is considering it for the future. Besides Art, she is working on her single subject teacher credential for K-12 public school, however, it is in Art. She is working for her BA in Art Education. Her major is in the Fiber Program and is also working towards a BFA.  This exhibition was her senior show. She was born and raised in Southern California and CSULB was her first choice. Some of her hobbies include going to the beach a lot and hanging out with family and friends. However, she said she feels like most of her time is spent at Long Beach. Her inspiration came from being a Lab Tech, in which she would take out trash of the wearing room. She began with scrapes and decided to recycle them. Art has always been something she loved. She started off in graph design but switched to fiber because she really wanted to do that. Her dream project would be collaborating with a fashion company, specifically Eileen Fisher or Patagonia.

Formal Analysis:

“Oddments” was a different experience. When I walked in, I didn’t realize that the clothes hanging were all created from recycled items. I thought that was interesting and it made me want to know why and how. There was a jumpsuit and two vests hanging as well as two bean bags on the floor. Each art piece was constructed from different material. They were made of denim and scrapes as well as any other recycled items. Although it was only five pieces in the gallery, they stood out because of the colors on the dress and the patterns and designs on the rest. The vest had a sharp “V” shape as well as the bean bags. When I asked Alicia what her favorite piece was she said,” None, so far, I just don’t know yet.”

Context Analysis:

The materials such as denim and yarn scrapes came together well because they were either from jeans or items on the floor and were woven into these clothes to represent something.The whole project is to show that deconstructed clothing can be transformed into something new and valuable. It’s important to not let these things go to waste and instead craft them into something. The transformation comes from cheap goods. The colors used on the vests such as neutral  colors were so elegant yet simple. “Oddments” means to gather old and make it into something new. It’s a combination of loose pieces that combine to make a structured, new piece. Oddments is a sophisticated way for saying left over. The clothing represented wearable art pieces in a gallery setting.

Synthesis/My Experience: 

I find it important to not let things go to waste. People really don’t consider making old things into something new and making something even better out of it. I thought this was interesting to learn. As I looked at the bean bags, I realized they were a valuable object and even looked nice! I enjoyed learning about recycling goods such as clothes and creating something so different from the littlest of materials such as yarn scrapes. The vest seemed to be pretty wearable to me because in today’s lifetime you see those designs and patterns in the store. Every week, I learn about the meaning that different art pieces represent and it still fascinates me.

I took a few pictures. My favorite one is the vest.


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