Week 10- Fiber Art Social Network

Social Networking is very important in society. It’s important to have connections with other people because it could lead to friendships, bonds, and opportunities. I think Social Networking applies to both physical friends and online friends. I think close friends tend to be physical and online friends tend to be those that you go to for something like homework help. Dunbar’s number makes complete sense because it’s true that today society has more friends rather than acquaintances. I guess people always want a higher number of friends on social media to demonstrate that they are “popular” when in reality they don’t even know half of those people. Having 1000+ friends on Facebook simply means that majority is acquaintances and people you hardly talk to. They’re people that you met once and never again. Art 110’s Social Networking as well as my own didn’t surprise me at all because I realized that majority of people know each other through someone and so on. We all connect one way or another and can eventually build off those connections. Cheer has been my platform of friends that I have close relationships with. However, my personal number is around 20-30 people, including some family, but about 10 are reliable, close friends. My connection with one of my friends led me to my boyfriend that I have now and because of my boyfriend knowing his friend, it led to his friend dating my cousin. These connections had led me to many opportunities and friendships.

Art 100 and my own Social Networking




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