Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Yuliana Torres

I actually met Yuliana through Marlene, who I’ve done a classmate conversation with before. Yuliana is a second year at CSULB and her major is Psychology. Psychology is something that my major also ties into which was interesting to talk about together. She wants to pursue a career of being a therapist through Psychology. Some of the hobbies that she enjoys is watching Netflix, like majority of people today! Right now she is hooked on Dexter. Instead of her favorite food being something like chicken nuggets, she likes dessert more especially pie, Blueberry from Polly’s to be specific. Some snacks that she likes is Reese’s, mint chocolate candy, chocolate raisins, anything chocolate! She does have a boyfriend and she told me that’s her hubby 🙂 Her favorite subject is Stats (which I hate!) and Anatomy. She said she’s better at math and science than anything else. Since many holidays are coming up, I asked her some different questions. I asked her which was her favorite season and it’s Fall. She had some trouble picking Thanksgiving or Christmas and said she liked both because they both have food and family included. Something she’s looking forward to for the New Year is working out because she wants to catch up to her boyfriend. Yuliana is 19 and her birthday is July 21st. She is from Long Beach and commutes to school. She works in the Lakewood Mall at Forever 21 which is her favorite place to shop. That is something we have in common. We also share the same makeup store which is Sephora. A girl cannot go wrong there when it comes to makeup! In response to the Demi Lovato portrait, she said she felt that Demi was very quick to judge about the drawing and didn’t really go deep in thought about why the man drew it in the first place. I enjoyed talking to Yuliana and getting to know her more. Art 110 sure helped me make a lot of new friends here at The Beach! 🙂

Of course we had to snapchat our picture!



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