Week 12- Artist Conversation- Sage Garver

Exhibition Information:

Artist Name: Sage Garver

Artist Tag: None

Link to Artist Website: none but said “This is a good idea though.”

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Sculpture

Instagrams: none

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi

About the Artist: 

Sage Garver is a really funny, kind- hearted artist, interviewing her was amazing because she was so welcoming. She is a senior and will be graduating this semester. “Bio” is her degree show. She also doesn’t plan to go to grad school right away; she wants to take a long break. Sage is from Hermosa Beach and commutes everyday to Long Beach. She enjoys the outdoors, specifically swimming and hiking in the beach/mountain area. She also likes to cook and when I asked what her favorite dish was, she said, “Mangos!” She started her art career in high school as she took a few classes but fell in love with art even more in college. She decided that sculpture was her best fit because it’s very hands on and more fun in general. Her exhibition “Bio” is a representation of her life and the illness her body has experienced. She thought it was a good idea to show the audience what she went through as she experienced loss of control over her body. After meeting with Sage, I can tell right away that she was a very kind, smart woman.

Formal Analysis: 

As I walked into the Dutzi Gallery, and seen the exhibition “Bio”, it immediately reminded me of under the sea. It was a clear image of a  combination of circles and little squiggles. I also noticed a gold chain that was hanging like a chandelier. The cells on the wall were very 3D. Although it was a very simple exhibition, it represented a lot of what remains inside the human body. The gold chain hung a circular object that was a series of different colors, but purple and blue stood out the most to me. The cells are made up of poly foam but before that she sculpted them on a computer. Also the center piece is made up of brass. Bio made me realize that our body is really important to take care of even if it begins with the little things such as starting with cells.

Context Analysis: 

Sage went for a more 3D image to show that the cells and organisms were interior to the body and the gold chain hanging was there exterior to the body. The center part which was circular represents the nucleus, the controller of the body. The cells are also white because Sage wanted them to emerge from the wall so the room and cells can both come together to form one entity. The shapes represent the loose interpretations of forms in the human body. There is also different shapes to represent different systems. “Bio” symbolizes the importance growth and transformation that they body goes through.

Synthesis/My Experience: 

I really enjoyed this exhibition because it showed the importance of the human body. The cells and organisms in are body are important to maintain in order for us to live a healthy life. The fact that Sage shared her story of her struggle with her body inspired me because I feel that a lot of women struggle with their body because of the way society wants us to be. We often harm our body to fit in when we really should be taking care of it. Therefore, “Bio” really expressed the needs that our body has.

I took 2 pictures which I really liked.



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