Week 13- Classmate Conversation- Brian Sath

This week was my first week talking with a boy from Art 110. Brian was nice and talked very sophisticated, well at least I thought so. I learned that he’s a third year at CSULB. His favorite subject is Biology because he likes science and wants to become a doctor. I can tell his passion and know he will be a great doctor in the future. Some things that he likes doing is playing basketball, hanging out with friends, working on his car, and eating new foods. Sushi is his favorite food but he’s very open to trying new things. I’m the total opposite and stick to one type of sushi! (Crunch roll). Although Brian doesn’t have a favorite movie he does have a favorite tv show which is Hawaii 5-0. Since the holidays are approaching, I asked Brian what was one thing he wanted for christmas. He said a Go-Pro which is something I also want! Of course I had to ask what he was looking forward to eating on thanksgiving. Brian is looking forward to mashed potatoes, which you can never go wrong with. Brian is originally from Bellflower but is a Cypress commuter. He has 2 siblings which are both brothers. One is 32 and the other is 30. Brian is the youngest, he’s 20. It’s crazy to think that his brothers are almost the same age as my mom, who’s 37. Brian also loves pandas. I enjoyed talking to Brian a lot! He was super cool and fun to talk to! His answer to the question of the week was the red pill because he’s very realistic and would love to imagine. When I asked Brian to describe himself in one word, he said ambitious. I agree with that and know he’ll succeed later on in the future by the way he is which to me is sophisticated and humble.

As always we had to take our picture with the dog (basic) snapchat filter 🙂



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