Week 14- Instagram Activity

The Instagram activity was actually a pretty fun, different experience! I really enjoyed it because I made my page open for other Art 110 students to see what my life is about. These pictures are a little bit of my life! In my posts I see what my life is made of and the people that make me who I am and enjoy being around. Of course cheer is my sport and since this weekend was my organization’s first competition, I felt the need to post some cheer pictures of my own team as well as the team I help coach. It was a little glimpse of the sassiness that’s in my life. I also took a really awesome picture of my boyfriend’s eyes and eyebrows because well hello, they are waaaaaaaaaay better than mine and I’m so jealous! Lol!! Another picture was a special moment of my baby cousins and myself; it was special because I actually took a photo of her smiling! A connection that I noticed between my posts and other Art 110 posts are the similarities of our lives, we involve the people that we care about and the people that we love and keep us going. All our posts resemble a part of who we are. I think it feels like a community of some sort and not just disconnected lives. We generally post the things in our lives that should be shown to our followers and what we want them to see. Instagram is a very useful, connection media site to use now a days!! fullsizerender-2fullsizerender-3fullsizerender-4fullsizerender-5


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