Week 15- Artist Conversation- Sovanchan Sorn and Patricia Martin

This week’s artist conversation was a little different. Interviewed both these artists that are both in the Fiber Program.

Sovanchan Sorn-

Sovanchan is getting her BFA in Fiber and is also an undergrad. She enjoys fiber because you can do anything with fiber because it can be moved and manipulated. She does however, have a background in sculpture. She chose fiber because it’s flexible and she is able to have full control on what she wants the material to do. She is able to shape things into a way that she wants. She is originally from Long Beach. Grad school is up in the air for her at the moment. Some of her hobbies are slowly letting things go such as the non profit organizations that she has been doing for 6 years but let go. She enjoys working  with her hands when she has the chance to. Also, she likes to spend time with her family, shower, sleep, and eat. Her favorite food is tai food, pasta, and anything carby. However, french fries is her number one choice. It was fun to talk to Sovanchan to hear her perspective on fiber and why she enjoys it.

Patricia Martin-

Patricia is currently in the MFA Fiber Program. This is her 1st semester at Long Beach. She is apart of a grad program that is a 3 year program. She wanted to do fiber since the age of 16 however, she has worked with print making, wood, metal, etc. She explained that fiber is a general category but she mainly works in thread and string.Throughout this exhibition, the tie dye things are hers.

Here are a few pictures that consist of fiber.



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