Week 15- Finger Painting

Finger Painting was a fun experience! I enjoyed the fact that I could dip my fingers in any colors that I wanted and just be free with what I was creating. It was as hard as I thought it would be. It was actually easy. The only problem that I had with it, was being too perfect about it when it wasn’t suppose to be perfect. Having no subject made it more fun because it let my mind wonder and be free so I consider finger painting to be very liberating and inspiring. I was able to create anything I wanted and with the fact that my creation would be art, at least I thought so. I liked the colors I used they made it pop and went very well together. The painting activity was different than the graffiti writing because it was more open whereas with graffiti people usually write or draw pictures, they don’t usually just draw lines or shapes, etc. It was the same though because the artist was allowed to construct anything they wanted to. I really enjoyed this activity, it was fun!



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