Week 15- EC Feedback

Well I can’t complain, Art 110 has been good to me! I really enjoyed this class; it was so fun to take part in all the activities. My favorite 3 activities were Instagram, Art Care Package, and Fiber Art Social Network. I enjoyed capturing my own images and sharing them as well as making a package to someone important to me of what has been going on in my life and getting to know other students in Art 110. 3 of my least favorite activities was the Sketching in the Japanese Garden and Automatic Drawingbecause I don’t really enjoy drawing, and Vblogs because I’m not so good at talking publically! But they were good experiences.

Art 110 being a Hybrid class was the best part! It’s nice to meet just once a day and just turn things in online, to me it’s easier! I also liked visiting the SOA Galleries and seeing the different art displayed and the different types as well. Artist Conversations became quick to adapt too and it was interesting learning about artists and their drive to be where they are. Classmate conversations were my favorite because it allowed me to get to know other students who I’ve actually became close with. They got me out of my comfort zone and were very beneficial to me.

WordPress was a good tool to use because it consists of my work only and I find that important for others to see what I have done and who I am. ePortfolios remain important and useful because it helps put you out there and get connected.

Overall, this was an awesome class and I’m glad I was apart of it!!!


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